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"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela

Children follow and are assessed on a curriculum called The Early Years Foundation Stage which covers their development from birth up to the end of their reception year in primary school. The EYFS outlines the statutory requirements all early years providers must work towards and sets the standards for learning, development and care of all the children attending the setting. 


Learning and Development for the children is assessed across 7 areas of learning which are as follows; 


 Prime Areas 

Personal, Social & Emotional, Communication and Language and Physical Development  

Specific Areas 

Literacy, Understanding the World, Mathematics and Expressive Arts and Design

We use this document in our pre-school to plan play opportunities for your child that are both stimulating and challenging   We recognise that firm foundations in Early Years build academic, social and emotional success.

Our daily routines aim to explore children’s interests and their desire to investigate a variety of experiences. All children within our care will be fully supported to reach their full potential across all areas of learning. Activities will be adapted to meet individual needs and abilities with opportunities provided to repeat and practice skills to extend learning and build confidence. 

We enjoy whole group activities, small group activities, one to one experience, going on visits and having various people in to talk to the children where they can experience and learn new things in a familiar environment.

As parents, we look forward to involving you in your child's journey with us, this includes regular parents evenings with your child's key person to discuss your child's progress and development and regular stay and play sessions where you can be actively involved in your child's day. As staff we aim to do the best for our children and this is shown through all that we do.


The children in our setting enjoy a wide range of activities such as painting, junk model making sand, water,  books, role play, ICT, construction play, singing, physical activities, singing, an outdoor mud kitche, visits to local schools and within the community plus many more! 

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